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This cat WC mat has an exquisite quilted edge and thickened bottom. This cat toilet is very light and compact. It can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. It dries fast. It has a waterproof base layer,  preventing water and urine from seeping onto the floor. The mat is made of eco-friendly and elastic foam in the form of a honeycomb to collect litter easily. The double-layer cat litter trapper collects the waste inside the mat, it helps to save cleaning time and litter cost. It is super easy to clean it out, just pour the litter and waste in the garbage through the opening pocket. The cat litter mat comes in basic colors. 


MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size: 64x45x25cm

In Box: 24 pieces

Box Size: 40x30x30cm

Box Weight: 2,8kg
Colour: Mix


Cat WC Mat

وحدة SKU: PTC-L05
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