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This PetCraft puffer pet carrier handbag is lightweight and equipped with external pockets and a safety strap on the inside. This pet carrier is very compact, it has space for keys, books, and other items the pets need, such as a leash or a poop bag. With the handy zipper design, it is easy to control the opening size, and the pet carrier has a built-in safety clip that attaches to your pet's collar to prevent pets from jumping out of the bag. The opening on the side of the bag is designed to allow pets' heads to stick out. It can be hand washed, machine washed and, it dries fast.


MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size/Volume : 22x55x35 cm

In Box : 12 Pieces
Box Size : 

Box Weight:
Colour : Mix

Puffer Pet Carrier Handbag

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