This cat ball has a simple and rustic look to it. It is all-natural, covered with seagrass with a feather attached to it. The ball scratch cat toy fits with the cats' nature of loving scratching and biting around. Playing with this cat toy ball will help to exercise the cats' claws, promote their healthy growth and provide them with much fun



MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size: 6x6x6 cm

In Box : 48 Pieces
Box Size : 30x20x20 cm

Box Weight: 1,4 kg
Colour : Mix

Seagrass Ball with Feather

  • The minimum order quantity is 10 boxes. Each box contains 36 pieces of product. The box contains a mix of colors of items. 


    The product price varies based on order quantity:
    10 boxes - 0,8349 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 0,759 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 0,69 USD/ piece


    All of our products can be ordered with private label.