This cat ball is made of several tiny fluff balls. The overall ball is very soft and elastic, safe for cats to bite and play with. The cat ball toy has bells on the inside, cats can bite, roll, and shake them to make sounds that keep them more interested or entertained all day. The interactive cat toy balls keep cats pouncing, chasing, playing, and exciting their natural instincts. Perfect for indoor cats. Cat toys with vivid colors entice cats and inspire a fun atmosphere and enhance the interaction between you and the cat.


MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size: 8 cm

In Box : 96 Pieces
Box Size : 40x30x30 cm

Box Weight: 3,6 kg
Colour : Mix

Colourful Soft Ball

  • The minimum order quantity is 10 boxes. Each box contains 96 pieces of product. The box contains a mix of colors of items. 


    The product price varies based on order quantity:
    10 boxes - 1,0406 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 0,946 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 0,86 USD/ piece


    All of our products can be ordered with private label.