This PetCraft dog harness is made of polyester fiber with high elasticity and durability. The one-piece design makes the harness fit the dogs' bodies. The soft and breathable fabric keeps dogs cool during outdoor exercise. We expanded the area of the adhesive surface to increase the adjustment range of the harness. Dog owners can make appropriate adjustments according to the growth of the dog without changing the harness frequently. Moreover, our size range serves all kinds of dog breeds from small to large. 


MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size/Volume : XS,S,M,L

In Box : XS/S-24 pieces; M/L-12 pieces
Box Size : 30x20x20 cm

Box Weight: XS-1,1 kg; S-1,2 kg; M-0,8 kg; L-0,9 kg
Colour : Mix

Polyester Soft Dog Harness

  • The minimum order quantity is 10 boxes. Each box contains sizes XS/S 24 pieces and sizes M/L 12 pieces of product. The box contains a mix of colors of items. 


    The product price varies based on order quantity:

    10 boxes - 5,4813 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 4,983 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 4,53 USD/ piece

    10 boxes - 6,0863 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 5,533 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 5,03 USD/ piece

    10 boxes - 7,6593 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 6,963 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 6,33 USD/ piece

    10 boxes - 8,3248 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 7,568 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 6,88 USD/ piece