This closed cat toilet prevents unpleasant odours to leave the litter box, ensuring nice air quality in the home. It is produced with quality materials for longevity and is available in several neon colours. It has a fun and modern design it matches the abiance of all homes. The front door on the litter box can move to provide easy movement for the cat, the base can be disassembled and it is easy to clean it. The upper part of the box contains an odour absorber. 


MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size: 37x48x42cm
Box Size: 40x50x70cm
Box Weight: 11,3 Kg
In Box : 6 Pieces
Colour: Mix

Luxurious Closed Cat Litter Box

  • The minimum order quantity is 10 boxes. Each box contains 6 pieces of product. The box contains a mix of colors of items. 

    The product price varies based on order quantity:
    10 boxes - 8,42 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 7,65 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 6,96 USD/ piece