This PetCraft carry-on pet transporter bag is airline-approved. The size specs fit most of the commercial airlines' measurement guidelines. This pet carrier is a convenient choice for any kind of transportation. It is lightweight and practical. The bag is simple, it has one entrance and a safety strap on the inside to attach the pets' collar or harness to it preventing the pet from running away. The oval shape of the carrier adds extra space for lying down and sitting. 


MOQ: 10 boxes
Product Size:

In Box: 24 Pieces
Box Size: 

Box Weight:
Colour: Mix

Airport Pet Carry-On Bag

  • The minimum order quantity is 10 boxes. Each box contains 24 pieces of product. The box contains a mix of colors of items. 

    The product price varies based on order quantity:
    10 boxes - 10,648 USD/piece
    25 boxes - 9,68 USD/ piece
    50 boxes - 8,8 USD/ piece